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Saturday, October 26, 2013

This Tut is made by me on Oct. 26,2013, It was made with pspx4 but any version will work.This tut, was made assumining you have knowledge of psp. The scrap kit i  used is Say No To Bullying by Soxational Scraps, you can find it as a freebie @ Designer Scraps, The link is Here.
The Tube i used is by Gemini Creationz Imaging called Abigail you can find it @ TPP.

                                            Lets get started
                                 I am making a fb banner so im using 851x315..
                                 I took paper 5 and pasted it. I then went to Effects, Xero and Fritillary using these settings Granularity 5, Aggression 64, Tesselation 10, Variation 0.
                                 I used the Doodle #2 and put it on the left hand and right hand corners, then took the Stars and resized them twice at 75% then used a drop shadow on it.
                                 I place the stars right on the Doodle#2. I use noise on both stars @ 26%  Gaussian  and MonoChrome Checked.
                                 Take Bling #2 and put it on the left side a few inches away from the yellow. Add a drop shadow.
                                I take flower #5 resize it 75% 4 times and place it on the bling, im going to be doing this for 2 other flowers after this.
                                Youre going to place  the flowers almost on top of each other except the 3rd  flower its going on both the flowers you placed before.
                                I use broken heart #3 resize it once place it on the right side, i used  Glass with these settings Bevel Width 10.80, Smoothness 75,  Bevel Placement Inside Checked, Edge Darkening 30, Gradient Shading  35, Refraction 50, Opacity 0, Tinting 50, Color Red.
                                I take the camera resize @ 75% 2 times  then use free rotate Right Checked off, all layers checked, Free 10.50
                                I took the stop Bullying now element resized it 3 times placed it  on top of the flowers but not covering them. I used a drop shadow.
                                Taking the bear resizing it 4x @ 75% and a  5th @85% place it on the left side of the sign.
                                Using my tube i dont resize her place her in the middle, use Porcelain  effect. Then use Radiance with these settings, Strangeness 128, Charm 50, Truth 128,  Beauty 182.
                                        Thats it, Make sure you place all your correct copyrite info somewhere on the banner and put your name somewhere on it too :)
                                        Thanks for looking at my tut, even tho im not the greatest  tut writer.

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